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These data are a somewhat biased random sample of 551 movies released between 2015 and 2018. Columns include



a tibble


  • title: a character string for the movie title.

  • time: number of days until the movie earns a million US dollars.

  • event: a binary value for whether the movie reached this goal. About 94% of the movies had observed events.

  • released: a date field for the release date.

  • distributor: a factor with the the name of the distributor.

  • released_theaters: the maximum number of theaters where the movie played in the first two weeks of release.

  • year: the release year.

  • rated: a factor for the Motion Picture Association film rating.

  • runtime: the length of the movie (in minutes).

  • A set of indicators columns for the movie genre (e.g. action, crime, etc.).

  • A set of indicators for the language (e.g., english, hindi, etc.).

  • A set of indicators for countries where the movie was released (e.g., uk, japan, etc.)