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censored is a parsnip extension package which provides engines for various models for censored regression and survival analysis.


This package is still in development. You can install the development version with


Available models, engines, and prediction types

censored provides engines for the models in the following table. For examples, please see Fitting and Predicting with censored.

The time to event can be predicted with type = "time", the survival probability with type = "survival", the linear predictor with type = "linear_pred", the quantiles of the event time distribution with type = "quantile", and the hazard with type = "hazard".

model engine time survival linear_pred raw quantile hazard
bag_tree rpart x x x x
boost_tree mboost x x x x
decision_tree rpart x x x x
decision_tree partykit x x x x
proportional_hazards survival x x x
proportional_hazards glmnet x x x
rand_forest partykit x x x x
survival_reg survival x
survival_reg flexsurv x


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